Become A Member And Help Keep Our Eruv Up!










Thank you to all our donors and sponsors for making the membership drive a success!

The costs associated with Our Eruv will run approximately $70,000 a year including:

  • Weekly repairs
  • Construction and rabbinic supervision
  • LA County Permits
  • Insurance

Without your membership, we cannot keep Our Eruv running. Please become a member today!

If you have any questions or to make a larger donation, please feel free to contact us.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

If you would like to sponsor Our Eruv for a special occasion, Yartzeit, or in memory of someone, please contact with the subject “sponsorship”. Your sponsorship will appear on the homepage.

Weekly Sponsorship: Sponsor the weekly checking of the Eruv for $180.

Yearly Sponsorship: Sponsor ONE of the FOUR borders of the Eruv for the year at $1,800. This will appear on the home page for the entire year.